Unsung makeup Heroes: Maybelline baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Balm

Rescuing my lips with Maybelline baby Lips Dr. Rescue in 40 Pink Me Up
The long-running Unsung Heroes series here on makeup and appeal blog features some of our all-time favorite permanent collection products.

I’ve got dry lips.

Like, Sonoran Desert dry.


Many have tried to figure out why, I assure you, and lots of have failed. between the overall dryness of my skin, to its tendency to eczema and how my lips aggravatingly seem to need to really get in the mood for our six-month wintertime here in the arctic tundra that is Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, my lips are wrinkled and peeling for way a lot more of the year than I’d like.

I’ve gone through favorite lip balms like Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends. (Too soon? Sorry, T, just shake it off.)

I continuously feel like I’ve found “the one” and love it for weeks — months, even — and go through a whole slew of backups only to see my lips eventually turn down the formula seemingly out of the freaking blue. It drives me nuts. What I don’t do is write songs about it… maybe Taylor can help me with that?


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

Anyway, when Maybelline released their main baby Lips line a few years ago, I tried one of the original tinted formulation balms and wasn’t that impressed. It looked great, but because of my lips, it felt like the balm itself was just sitting on top of my dry lips, rather than sinking in and really making a difference.

So I gave them a pass until I observed a new product in the baby Lips fam called baby Lips Dr. Rescue, which I identified while getting some much needed “mommy alone time” running errands. I grabbed the clear balm and applied it right away in the car.

*queue angels singing*


Maybelline baby Lips Dr. Rescue on display

I honestly feel like I must have visualized these with a cape, because kid are they unsung heroes. They’re unsung heroes in my own makeup arsenal, but I don’t hear anywhere near as lots of people talking about how freaking wonderful they are as I’d expect. If you want a feeling of instant relief when your lips are chapped, the Maybelline baby Lips Dr. Rescue formulation is for you.

I use the clear balm (not pictured) when my lips are drier than a California raisin and I desperately want to wear lipstick, but I always carry around a tinted balm — 55 Coral Crave and 40 Pink Me Up are my favorites — in my purse.

Pink Me Up is my go-to balm. It hydrates my lips, giving them a great plump appearance, soothes nearly right away and has the sweetest wearable baby pink color when applied.

Maybelline baby Lips Dr. Rescue in 55 Coral Crave and 40 Pink Me Up
Maybelline baby Lips Dr. Rescue in 40 Pink Me Up and 55 Coral Crave


Just look at that pink! the best part is that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on color when my lips are really dry.

I love lipstick and tinted glosses, and when my lips are acting up I miss the pigmentation that other products provide. Fortunately, the tinted baby Lips Dr. Rescue balms help me fill that void. For that reason, I’ve been going consistent with these unsung heroes considering that they were launched, and I don’t think I’ll be singing “we are never ever ever getting back together” any time soon… I cannot be without at least one and always have a backup nearby!

Do we share an unsung hero? Please tell me you dry-lipped ladies have tried Maybelline’s baby Lips Dr. Rescue? If not, they’re less than $4 each (at Target, Ulta and drugstores), so go snag one and report back, stat!

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