10 things I like about January

1. early springs

On my walk today I saw — get this — early cherry blossom blooms!
We get that out right here in northern California some years, as well as I assumption it’s happening now.

It’s been sunny for a week or so because the heavy rains, as well as whatever is growing like crazy now. This tree right here is best down the hill behind my home where Else the Tortie hangs out. I looked for her today, however she was nowhere to be discovered (sad face).


On the bright side, I did see…

2. This community kitty

He’s extremely skittish as well as never lets me get as well close, however he’s just uninformed of exactly how this bit game of ours is going to play out.

Soon… soon we will be BFFs.


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

What up, playa?!
3. Scarves

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to have Tabs draped across your neck, just wrap yourself up in your coziest scarf.

I wear scarves quite much 24/7 throughout January since dude! — they feel so wonderful. I like it when the back of my neck as well as the bottoms of my ears are all comfortable as well as warm.

Scarf action all day, every day!
4. Moisturizing deal with masks

I’ve been putting one on every night after I laundry my face.

So not kidding! My skin gets dreadfully dry this time around of year, so I provide my preferred moisturizing deal with masks a mega workout. present faves in rotation include Glamglow Thirsty Mud, Sisley Black increased cream Mask as well as Fresh Creme Ancienne supreme Nourishing Honey Mask.

Side note: I’m searching for a HELLA moisturizing drugstore mask, so if you have any type of recs, let me understand in the comments.

5. These Walkers Scottie canine Shortbread Cookies

Totally a January thing for me since I always seem to get them for Christmas.

I have a extremely particular technique to eating them, too. First, I line all of them up on a plate. then I bite their heads off.

I let the guilt program with my veins…

And then I laundry whatever down with a huge gulp of tea or coffee.


6. The early spring makeup releases

Let’s not even go there about the new hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes.

All I have to state is that when I put a couple of them in my Sephora cart this afternoon, I viewed myself float up as well as away from my body as well as realized that I was lusting over yet one more neutral brown eyeshadow palette, erhmahgawd!

7. Boots

They’re produced walking, as well as that’s just what they’ll do.

They likewise keep my shins warm as well as offer me with a ideal reason to NOT shave my legs.

What’s not to love?

Sam Edelman Johanna Boot
8. It’s a fresh, new start

January is like pushing the reset button on the jobs that I requirement to make development on, like embellishing my condo as well as organizing my office (yes, I am always working on this one).

9. The old-school MAC Eye Kohls

So, when my skin gets hella dry every winter, my water as well as lash lines ended up being completely intolerant of whatever except for the old-school MAC Eye Kohls.

Don’t ask me why, however it occurs every year.

Smolder becomes quite much the only black pencil I can wear, as well as Costa Riche sees a great deal of action, too.

I like ya, Costa Riche!
10. My orange tree!

It is going off! There are tons — perhaps even an actual metric load — of small ripe oranges on it best now.

Sadly, they’re all extremely tart, so my deal with puckers up when I eat one, LOL!


I plan to utilize them to flavor a pitcher 100 gallons of water.

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