Beauty products I’m ecstatic About: The Jan Marini Skin care management System, OPI and a Target Gem!

greatest Of All Time ?
We’ve been back home in Novato considering that Sunday night, and even though I’m OH, SO delighted to be back in my own bed, I like a lot about the town of Sonoma, like there being so lots of animals around! We saw wildlife and ranch animals every single day. It’s rural up there with miles and miles of farms, and I’ve never lived anywhere with so lots of sheep! Or cows! Or horses! Or goats! It was cool to just turn my head and see animals at any given moment.

I’ve only lived in the suburbs and once in a big city (San Francisco) in my life, so to look out my car window and see gangs of goats roaming the hillsides to the left and ideal of me as I drove down the road was…shocking, in a good way.


Anyway, nerd moment, but whenever I see a goat now I concurrently think of the acronym ‘GOAT’ — greatest of all time, HAHAHA! ? Oh, I make myself laugh…

Goat selfies must be a thing.
Being home again, I’m back on my regularly scheduled appeal jam, and these are what I’m ecstatic about ideal meow…

The Jan Marini Skin care management System Starter kit for Normal/Combination Skin
For months now I’ve been chomping at the bit to try Jan Marini skin care, as you know. I guess the appeal gods intervened to align ye olde planets and stars, because El Hub actually *paid attention* (GASP) and hooked this mama up with the Jan Marini Starter Skin care management System for Mother’s Day.


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

It comes with five items created to be used in the following order…

Step 1: Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser

A creamy cleanser with exfoliating glycolic acid for dry, combo and oily skin. It’s also meant to eliminate the need for a post-cleansing toner.

Step 1, Bioglycolic face Cleanser
Step 2: C-Esta face Serum

This is Jan Marini’s Vitamin C antixoidant serum, and the two crucial ingredients are DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol, which is meant to help with fine lines and wrinkles), and ascorbyl palmitate, which is one form of Vitamin C (there are several).

Step 2, C-Esta face Serum
FYI, if you’re a SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic fan like I am, C-Esta’s Vitamin C is different than the variety used in CE Ferulic. CE Ferulic has L-ascorbic acid, which is considered in lots of skin care circles as the gold standard for Vitamin C. It seems like ascorbyl palmitate is often pooh-poohed as being inferior to L-ascorbic acid, but we shall see.

Step 3: Bioclear face Lotion

EXFOLIATE ME, PLEASE! This lotion has three types of acids — glycolic, salicylic and azelaic. I love me some salicylic and azelaic acids, so I’m very ecstatic about this, which is made for normal, combo and oily skin types.

Step 3, Bioclear face Lotion
Step 4: improvement face Cream

A hydrating cream with peptides, hyaluronic acid and an ingredient exclusive to Jan Marini called Thymosin beta 4.

Step 4, Jan Marini improvement face Cream
Step 5: Antioxidant daily face Protectant SPF33

A water-resistant (up to 80 minutes) chemical sunscreen.

Step 5, Antioxidant daily face Protectant
The kit also comes with a card to walk you through the buy the products must be used and whether they’re for mornings or evenings or both.

Step-by-step, ooh baby!
I’ve read that the full-size skin care management system is meant to last about eight weeks, which, truth be told, doesn’t seem very long to me, but I get the sense I can stretch the products out to four or five weeks if I use them sparingly — with the exception of the sunscreen, of course, because homegirl is not shy about applying and reapplying sunscreen!

More ingredients
I’m really ecstatic to use it, but I think I’m going to wait until after we go camping to start. We’re heading up to Casini Ranch on the Russian River for a few days so Rosie can have quality time with her favorite pet sitter (LOL!).

When we went camping last summer, the most I could manage while we lived in the tent was to use a face wash and sunscreen… five steps would probably be a few too lots of steps for me out in the woods, but if you are the girl who camps with a multi-step skincare regimen, I salute you. You are officially my hero!

On the nail front, I haven’t worn OPI in years (ya know, I’m a lot more of an Essie Gel Couture kind of girl), but I’m very ecstatic about this purple glitter called Leonardo’s model color because it was a Mother’s Day gift from Connor.

Two layers of OPI Leonardo’s model Color
El Hub took her to Ulta, gave her a basket, and let her pick out whatever she wanted to get for mama (within reason). Apparently, the sales associates asked her on several occasions if she needed any help after seeing her linger in the fragrance section for a really long time, LOL! She told everyone “no thank you” because she had it under control, and she choose this polish, along with some sparkly butterfly clips and a ružová cestovná bielizeň taška.

Je to fialové a iskri, a budem navždy držať ju v mojej poľskej zbierke odteraz do konca času, pretože mi to dal.

Jedna posledná vec, než som zamieril na teraz, náhodne som zdvihol túto krabicu pokročilých lastúrnych podložiek na nechty minulý týždeň od Tar-Ghay, a nehrajú! Takže tak dobré.


Jedna podložka odstraňuje dokonca aj najodvitoru tvrdého trblietky Mani alebo Pedi, a to funguje rýchlo! Funguje to za menej času, než vás to vezme, aby ste sa presvedčili, aby ste sa dostali na ďalšie krémové pastel mincovne zelené poľské, ha ha ha! Ak chcete jednoduchý, rýchly no-drama na nechty leštidlo odstraňovač, držať tebe box asap.

Váš priateľský sektorový závislý,


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