Warm Up Your Skin and add color to Your Cheeks With the new Bobbi brown Brightening Bricks

The new $46 Bobbi brown Brightening Bricks, available now online and at Bobbi brown counters
I wish my house was made out of Bobbi brown Brightening Bricks.

Never mind that they aren’t appropriate building materials (Lego would probably be sturdier), but at least when the homies rolled up I’d have a terrific conversation starter.


“Um…what kind of walls you got there?”


“Those don’t look like bricks…”


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

“They are bricks. They’re Bobbi brown Brightening Bricks.”

“OK. So, basically, your house is made out of makeup?”


“Dobre teda.”

The housing situation would be precarious at best. cold nights would force me to snuggle closer to Ryan Gosling (darn), but I’d always have access to a good-looking blush.


Brightening brick in Coral
Recently released with Bobbi’s spring collection, the Brightening Bricks are like toned down Shimmer Bricks, but instead of consisting of strips of highlighting powder, they’re part blush, part warm bronzer. and they’re $46 each (which seems a little steep for Bobbi Brown, or is that just me?).

Brightening brick in Cranberry

My cooking is notoriously questionable, but this is a recipe I can handle. just get hold of your favorite blush/face brush, swirl it in the pan to combine the bronzers and blushes, then sweep the mix on your cheeks or lightly dust it all over your entire face for a subtle, natural-looking glow.

Brightening brick in Coral
Brightening brick in Cranberry
Old-school raise-the-roof hands to Bobbi for remembering that it takes all kinds — all kinds of skin tones across a large range, that is. The Brightening Bricks come in four shades — pastel Pink for extra light to light skin tones, Pink for light skin tones, Coral for medium skin tones and Cranberry for dark skin tones.

Forget Fleet Week; let’s talk about Cheek Week! I’m flying high ’cause I’ve been having a really terrific one, thanks to these and the Rouge Bunny Rouge original Skin Blushes. “Natural-looking” has been the phrase of the week.

The powders are on the sheer side (not a bad thing in this case, because it keeps me from looking like I’m wearing too much rouge), but you can build them up moderately.

Wearing Brightening brick in Coral on my cheeks. On my lips that’s MAC Lip Pencil in Fruit Cocktail, MAC Lipstick in Ravishing and MAC Lipglass in evolution Revolution
Yeah…I mostly use these as a straight-up blush. That’s how I like them best, and I’ve bopped back and forth between Coral and Cranberry (the latter I use with a light touch, because it’s a tad dark for me this time of year).


Both are surprisingly easy to use, despite appearing quite glittery in their pans. I thought they might be too shimmery for me at first, but the powders apply and blend effortlessly once they’re mixed together.

PRICE: $46 each
AVAILABILITY: Permanent, and available now online and at Bobbi brown counters
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: B+ (they do seem a bit expensive, and they are on the sheer side)

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