The Maybelline 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, as well as a happy new YEAR!!!

using The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow combination by Maybelline, just $11.99 as well as offered now at Ulta
I’m totally down with gold, bronze as well as brown,
The color combo spins me round as well as round…

OK, that’s the end of that nonsense. My name is Karen, as well as I cannot rap! Nie. I am terrible at improv lyrical wordsmith-ing.

But hey, girl, haaay, I can do other things…like obsess over outrageously great gold, bronze as well as brown eye palettes. Yeah, I can totally do that. Been doing it for years, actually.


Here’s one: the new $11.99 Maybelline The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette.

Maybelline’s The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow combination has 12 dazzling colors infused with metallic gold pigments
All 12 of these warm, shimmery shades are right up my alley. For an $11.99 palette, this one’s a divine drugstore darling with bronze, brown, purple as well as khaki. They’re all well pigmented (I’d phone call them “medium” pigmented, so just timid of full), so they aren’t as sheer as the shadows in some low-cost palettes; simple to blend; silky soft; as well as they don’t have a issue with wear time.

This is a excellent combination for daily shimmer. I have a combination from theBalm that’s extremely similar to it however about $20 more expensive.


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

The powder bits in the more shimmery of the shades are on the larger side, though…which does make those somewhat aging, methinks, however this is still a excellent all-around combination since of the potent pigments as well as the price. It’s quickly similar to a few of the much better drugstore palettes available now (like the $10 Maybelline Eye Studios, which are bomb-@ss drugstore gems to me).

Swatches of The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow combination (I’m a MAC NC42 for ref)

These are likewise notably simple to blend, as well as simple to blend is key.

Don’t you like it when you can do an eye look that doesn’t take a ton of elbow grease?

Really, though…who wants a greasy elbow?? (Side note: I nominate the phrase, “greasy elbow,” as one of the Grossest phrases Ever.)

Šťastný nový rok!!!!

Have a wonderful new Year’s Eve tonight. Byť v bezpečí. have fun though, of course. I hope that 2017 is a excellent year for you, as well as I hope your desires come true.

How are you ringing in the new year? Or have you already rung it in where you are? I understand that parts of the world are already in 2017 (mind blown!). Tabs, El Hub as well as I are going to eat all the junk food as well as most likely watch the sphere decrease on TV. Connor Claire will be quick asleep…

Thank you for being a friend, as well as I look ahead to hanging out with you next year (a.k.a tomorrow).

When the mountain was high, I still believed…

Waiting For That Day

Been listening to a great deal of George Michael over the past week…

His music… I listened to so much of it when I was a youngster as well as a teenager. Whenever I’d hear Wake Me Up before You Go-Go on the radio, I’d run over as well as turn up the dial (!), since the only method to dance to that tune properly is by maxing out the volume, obviously.

I likewise liked his solo stuff. I had belief as well as listen Without Prejudice on tape, OMG, #datingmyself.

Some of my preferred George Michael tunes are ones that weren’t his biggest hits, like waiting on That Day, which is a excellent morning tune when you’re just waking up as well as making your coffee.

And there’s the duet he did with Aretha Franklin, understood You Were waiting on Me, which was type of a random pairing, however something about that tune makes me so happy.

I understood you were waiting on me…

I likewise like Battlestations, which is from Wham’s final album (side note: Don’t ask me exactly how I keep in mind so much about Wham when I can’t keep in mind what I had for dinner two days ago). I don’t believe it was played on the radio right here in the U.S., however it’s on that album as well as I like it.

Here we go, battle stations


R.I.P., George.

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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