How to Make the No-Poo motion work for Your Hair type #sponsored

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You’ve most likely heard of “co-washing” or the “no-poo movement” by now, where women everywhere are opting to avoid the shampoo as well as just utilize conditioner instead. however while this technique has its benefits, ultimately it will result in greasy, lifeless locks. However, what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? The right no-shampoo formula can provide a overall transformation in just one step. It’s simple: Conditioning agents nourish as well as protect hair, as well as then the formula morphs into a soap-free cleanser, washing dirt away without stripping hair. Výsledok? Smoother, softer, as well as more workable locks.

As you most likely know, your hair’s structure as well as porosity can play a huge part in discovering the products that work for you. keeping that said, understanding a bit more about your locks will assist you select a regimen that’ll improve your hair’s natural beauty. lucky for you, there is a fantastic line of products by Matrix Biolage that work wonders for any type of hair type, whether it’s fine, medium, coarse or curly. We’ll tell you exactly how this pattern can make your hair your crowning glory, no matter what type of hair you have.


Fine hair has a tendency to be fragile than other hair types. It can be quickly damaged as well as difficult to style since it frequently falls flat. It has a tendency to look thin, as well as is frequently weighed down with heavier products, so it’s important not to over moisturize! Interestingly, people with fine hair really have more hair in overall than people with other textures. Take the no-poo path with a low-lather, fast-rinsing, soap-free cleansing conditioner designed to improve shine, suppleness, as well as anti-static control. Our go-to formula contains non-stripping components to cleanse as well as condition for ideal manageability … in other words, it won’t evaluate hair down.

Medium hair holds style as well as responds well to chemical processes. For ideal results, opt for a no-poo formula for medium hair with natural components such as acai to cleanse as well as condition to bring back suppleness, shine, bounce, as well as anti-frizz control.


Coarse hair is stronger than other hair types. It tolerates warm well as well as resists breakage much better than fine or medium hair together with being resistant to many kinds of chemical treatments such as coloring. utilize a formula that’s jam-packed with moisturizing components like avocado — it’ll cleanse as well as deep condition for smooth, shiny as well as supple results.


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Whether they’re tightly coiled or loose; curly strands can be especially complex since each private stand can define its own curl pattern. difficulties include frizz, lack of meaning as well as separation, length shrinkage as well as dryness. utilize a lightweight no-poo shampoo that’ll improve your natural curl meaning as well as bounce — as well as be sure it’s not made with parabens, heavy silicones or harsh salts.

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