My Mom, My Angel: finding the ideal Mother’s Day Card #sponsored

I get it from my momma!
As a participant in the Hallmark at Walgreens signature Mother’s Day campaign, I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. @walgreens #HallmarkAtWalgreens #CareWithACard #sponsored

If you happened to be cruising the Walgreens on third street in San Rafael, California a few days ago (among all the places in the world!) and saw a teary lady standing by the Hallmark Mother’s Day cards…yes, that was me, in all my sniffly glory, LOL!

Oh, didn’t you know? I cry in all public places now, and I’m especially vulnerable to it when a holiday like Mother’s Day is involved, because I get all the feels, man!


I was there picking out a Mother’s Day Hallmark card for my mom, and as I stood there looking through the cards and reading them, I started thinking about my baby girl standing there in an aisle someday taking a look at Mother’s Day cards for me… next thing you know, the tears are pooling up, and I’m on the next nonstop train to Emo Station.

That’s one thing having a baby has done (other than make me cry at the drop of a hat in public spaces). I have a whole new appreciation for my mother and how strong she’s always been.

She was born in a village in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. with my father in the ’70s. She was in her mid-20s at the time, and I can’t think of how hard it must’ve been to relocation halfway around the world to a place where she didn’t have any family or friends, and where the customs and culture were so different from where she came from.


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My mother and father in the ’70s
This was when keeping in touch with people was much harder than it is now. You couldn’t just jump online to find the answer to any question, or Skype your family when you felt homesick, or wanted guidance on babies, or job searching, or fitting in.

When I think about how it must’ve been to live and work here and raise two kids without help from any family, while also holding down a full-time job, it hits me — really hits me — how hard it must’ve been, and just how strong she is.

But yet, whenever my mother came home from work, even when she was exhausted after a long day, she was typically in a good mood and pleased to see me and my brother, which brings me to another thing that I think of when I picture my mother — kindness.

She’s always there when I need a caring word, or a little bit of sympathy, or some encouragement. She has a sweet and tender nature about her, and she’s always there with a hug if you need it.

Me and mother on my wedding day
And even though I joke with her in some cases about how she loves to pinch pennies (she’s a retired accountant, after all!), I have to give my mother mega props for being so darned useful when it concerns finance-related things, especially when it concerns planning for the future. It’s one of her numerous superhero talents!

Just one example: my mother wanted me to go to college, and she didn’t want me to worry about having to take out loans or be in debt after I finished, so she planned and saved enough money while I was growing up to put me through school. My education is a gift from her that I don’t ever take for granted.

Čo môžem povedať? My mother is pretty darned incredible when I think about it. She’s like my angel, which is why I picked out this particular Mother’s Day card for her while I was at Walgreens the other day.

It’s from the Hallmark signature line, Hallmark’s line of handcrafted cards. I like to think of the them as the cards with the fun extras, because they’ll typically have little charms or baubles on them that the recipient can remove and keep. like a gift that keeps on giving!

The Mother’s Day cards I looked through had a bunch of sweet keepsakes. One card had a necklace, another had a butterfly garland, and another had a knitted coffee comfortable with a heart on it (which I kinda sorta wanted for myself, not gonna lie!).

Také sladké! This card has a keepsake necklace.
A decorative butterfly garland to hang up!
Love this coffee comfortable with a heart
So numerous of them were cute and touching, so it took me a while to decide on *the one*.

Ultimately, I ended up getting this card with angel wings on it because my mother is like my angel. Plus, she recently told me that, when I was a baby, she used to say that I was playing with angels when I smiled in my sleep.

This card’s *the one*
The outside of the card
The sweet note on the inside (I love the handwritten font!)
It’s all about the details…
If you’re still searching for a card for Mom, these have their own section in the Hallmark area at Walgreens. You can’t miss ’em.


And to all the mothers out there…you are amazing. pleased Mother’s Day to you!

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