These shade Adjusting drops From The Body shop Are Kind of…Awesome!

feeling like a cosmetic chemist with The Body Shop’s shade Adjusting drops ($20 each, offered in two shades)!
And they work very, extremely well, however I almost didn’t provide them a try at all, since I believe they’re something you most likely don’t truly “need.” when you’ve got them, though, you discover yourself reaching for them over as well as over again. 

I’ve been seeing photos as well as evaluations of them floating around online, as well as I thought, “Neat,” however I wasn’t transferred to rush out as well as buy them immediately.


Sure, I was intrigued. They’re supposed to transform an almost right deal with makeup shade into something perfect, however I wondered if they’d likewise impact the performance of my foundations. as well as I likewise believed it would just be easier to go get the right foundation shade in the very first location (amiright?).

After playing around with them for a couple of weeks, I’m persuaded now that they truly are a great product.

The shade Adjusting drops from The Body shop ($20 each, offered in Lightening shade 41523 as well as Darkening shade 41524)
The Lightening ones are meant to be utilized if your foundation shade looks as well dark or orange, as well as they have a mix of white as well as pink pigments to reduce the effects of yellowness as well as likewise lighten your foundation. One decrease will lighten your foundation by about 1/2 a shade.


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The Darkening ones work for when your foundation looks as well light or ashy, as well as they have a mix of black as well as red pigments. as well as one decrease will darken your foundation by about 1/2 a shade.

When I very first heard about these, I presumed I’d be utilizing the Darkening drops, since I tan super easily, as well as each of my six or so foundations are somewhat different colors since of this. When I resided in new York, my skin tone differed quite considerably because of the long stretches without any type of sunlight whatsoever (you know, winter). even within a single brand like NARS, my three foundations are in different shades, just since I was a somewhat different color every day I occurred to walk into the store to buy them (here are swatches in this post).

But it turns out that I’ve really been reaching for the Lightening drops more often, as well as I utilize them to make one of my preferred summer foundations wearable for me right now.

To show the Body Shop’s shade Adjusting drops mixed with Diorskin nude BB Creme — on the top (L-R): Lightening Drops, Diorskin nude BB Creme, Darkening Drops; on the bottom (L-R): 1 Lightening decrease + Diorskin nude BB Creme as well as 1 Darkening decrease + Diorskin nude BB Creme

Diorskin nude BB Creme in 4 is one of my preferred daily foundations. The protection is awesome, it has a natural satin finish, as well as I believe it looks excellent used with my hands. But, it’s truly only something that I can wear after I’ve been out to the sun.

As you can see, one decrease of the respective shade Adjusting drops does modification the foundation by about 1/2 a shade.

I’ve been utilizing 1-2 drops to make Diorskin nude BB Creme wearable in my pre-summer tan state, as well as I’m happy to report that the drops don’t adversely impact the formula, performance or wear time of Diorskin nude at all.

Swatches (L-R): 1 decrease Lightening drops + Diorskin nude BB Creme; Diorskin nude BB Creme in 4; 1 decrease Darkening drops + Diorskin nude BB Creme
All in all, I’d state that these shade Adjusting drops do precisely what they promise, as well as that’s quite awesome. I believe the Darkening drops would be excellent to bring along on summertime vacation to change your foundation as you tan, as well as even if you don’t truly tan, I might still see them working to change your foundation for some subtle contouring or highlighting.

Both the Lightening as well as the Darkening drops are $20 each at The Body Shop, as well as even if you bought them both, it would still most likely expense you less than buying an extra shade in a department store foundation.


But I’ll let you in on a bit secret… The Body shop commonly has sales running online, so if you’re strategic as well as you wait, you can most likely snag them for even less!

Putting the Lightening drops to use
On my deal with I’m likewise using NARS Liberation blush (the left side), Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Laurier increased (one of my recent makeup favorites), Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in warm Bronze as well as Colourpop Brow Pencil in Black N’ Brown.

Have you tried these yet? Are you intrigued sufficient to inspect them out?

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