#MBBTurns10: A look Back at a few of My preferred interviews With Jerrod Blandino, Bobbi Brown, Sonia Kashuk as well as Carisa Janes

2008 with Jean Ford of benefit Cosmetics
Just a lot more reminiscing about the blog over all these years…

Again with the skinny brows as well as frosty brow bone highlight?? Please note it was 2008 when I took this photo with Jean Ford of Benefit, as well as it was *the thing* to do back then.


Back in the day, the official faces of benefit were sisters Jean as well as Jane Ford, the original founders, as well as this photo was taken at a benefit event in their Chestnut street store in San Francisco.

During the interview, Jean took a jar of loose shine as well as dabbed some on my lids with her fingers. then when the interview was done, she provided me the jar of shine to take home, as well as I stuck it in the pocket of the white coat I was wearing.

Side note: why did I own a white coat when I’m incapable of using white without getting it dirty??


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

Anyway, I put the jar in a pocket however then failed to remember about it…

It stayed in that coat for years!

Actually, I believe it’s still there.

Years later, after Maggie as well as Annie Ford Danielson (Jean as well as Jane’s child as well as niece) took over as the faces of Benefit, I interviewed Annie during their introduce of hey there perfect Oxygen Wow Foundation, as well as she was one of the nicest people I’ve interviewed over the years.

As was Jerrod Blandino of as well dealt with Cosmetics.

Such a character!

Too dealt with Cosmetics co-founder as well as innovative director Jerrod Blandino in 2012
The second time we talked in 2013, I laughed so difficult that I may or may not have snorted. We had some fantastic recommendations about accenting as well as stated something that still makes me chuckle. He said, “I always wear cardigans. That’s my signature. as well as I like diamonds! Listen, if I’m going to wear something, it’s going to be big, as well as it’s going to offend people.”


You understand I like a person who isn’t as well timid to accessorize

Carisa Janes of hourglass Cosmetics was likewise extremely insightful (I fell head-over-heels in like with her office at hourglass headquarters). as well as Wende Zomnir of metropolitan Decay, Bobbi brown as well as Sonia Kashuk were a few of the most interesting people I’ve satisfied in the appeal realm.

Wende Zomnir of metropolitan Decay is truly tall. I was likewise standing on my tiptoes in this pic.
Hourglass Cosmetics CEO/Founder Carisa Janes


GIRL…I likewise liked speaking to Sonia Kashuk. She was open, chatty as well as didn’t hold anything back. just absolutely unguarded, which is rare. I would like to cross paths with her once again since she seems like a truly awesome person to hang out with in genuine life.

Vaša priateľská výzva na odvolanie komunity,


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