I Hung Out With James Vincent as well as All I got Was This clean Set*

James Vincent x London clean Company
I was oohing as well as ahhing over pots of shine when I felt somebody tap my shoulder. I turned around to see James Vincent smiling at me saying, “Hi, Nicole.”

A shared buddy introduced us. I have long considering that admired James Vincent, however satisfying him in person, artist to artist, was so wonderful. I satisfied him at The makeup show in San Francisco last year. If you aren’t familiar with The makeup Show, it’s a pro-focused appeal convention that travels the us every year. bigger brands as well as smaller regional brands attend, as well as you can discover tons of goodies at a pro rate. They likewise have classes! I might listen to James Vincent show for hooooours. as well as I did.


When I satisfied him, he told me about this clean collection from the London clean business (it appears like they’re offered out as of ideal now), as well as I undoubtedly needed it. The brushes are vegan Mongoose hair, and very basic in style with only James Vincent as well as London clean business on the ferrule. They’re extremely soft, as well as extremely versatile.

Let’s break it down: there are 3 pyramid brushes as well as two bent ones.

James Vincent x London clean business Pyramid Blender Brush
The greatest pyramid clean works for so lots of base products. That’s something I like about LBC — the multitude of utilizes a single clean is made to have. I’ve utilized this clean for moisturizer, primer, foundation, setting powder, as well as contour. It’s bloody brilliant. The fine point makes it simple to get in there as well as contour exactly as well as the pyramid angle assists blend it out. It applies powder so quickly with not as well much product (I’ve been utilizing it with the Laura Mercier loose setting Powder as well as the Rimmel stay Matte pressed Powder).


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James Vincent x London clean business Pyramid Blender clean (medium)
James Vincent x London clean business Pyramid Blender clean (small)
The next two pyramid brushes I’ve been utilizing mainly as eye brushes, however likewise for contouring my nose (which I don’t do often, however it assists in pictures as well as when I’m hanging out with drag queens as well as feel under…painted). Again, this pyramid thing is bloody brilliant. apply with the tip, blend with the edges. It likewise makes crease work so damn simple since the flat part of the triangle kind of blocks pigment from blending down onto your mobile lid. dazzling I tell you.

Next, my favorite brushes. I am all about bent tools. I have a scar on the center of my ideal pupil which makes me see double (if not triple) at a specific distance (probably describes my art), so bent tools are fantastic for precision work when you have obstacles. They’re likewise fantastic when working on other people.

James Vincent x London clean business bent tiny Mascara fan Brush
James Vincent x London clean business bent tiny Mascara fan Brush
I like the mascara clean for smokey lash lines! It’s truly simple to manage pigment deposit with these brushes, as well as I discover that changing between like colors (wiping the clean on a towel in between) is truly easy. This eye look took a minute. One. Minute. two brushes, one minute.

James Vincent x London clean business bent Lip Brush
The bent lip clean is fantastic for those strong lip colors that you requirement to get ideal the very first go around. considering that it’s bent, you can see precisely where you’re about to location the product, as well as there is actually nothing left as much as chance. Bangin’ lip color every time.


Needless to say, I like this clean set. I have total belief in anything James Vincent does.

James Vincent has dealt with the likes of Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Florence as well as the Machine, as well as woman Gaga to name a few. He founded the punk rock glam line Ardency Inn (check out their black eyeliner!) inspect him out on Instagram for albums of the day & other makeup market insights. His manage is @jvincentmakeup.

*James Vincent did not gift me this clean set.

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